When you are moving house in winter there are extra things to consider. The recent and sudden change in the weather has caught us all by surprise, below are our top tips for moving in the bad weather.

Man & Van Sheffield House Removals in Bad Weather

Tip 1 Pack a winter essentials box

Whenever you are moving we suggest packing an essentials box with things such as a torch, basic tools, hand sanitiser, towels, kettle, flask and tea or coffee. In the winter there are a few extra things you should keep with you. Blankets, a change of clothes and footwear, extra coats or jumpers. Hats and gloves will be vital too, if there is snow on the ground you may also need a shovel and brush. As the door will be open while everything is unloaded at your new property the house is likely to get quite cold, so having blankets and facilities to make a warm drink will help you to stay warm.

Tip 2 Weather Forecast

Keep an eye on the weather forecast to help you prepare. Depending on your location and where you are moving too the bad weather will cause extra issues, only in extreme conditions would your move be delayed. If there is snow on the ground you should clear a path from your door to the loading area.

Tip 3 Utilities

Ensure that your utilities are turned on at the property you are moving to. Contact the providers well in advance of your moving day.

Tip 4 Floor coverings

To protect your home your removal company should use carpet protectors and may split the team with some members staying inside and some outside. This will help to prevent the team from tracking in dirt and snow.

Tip 5 Pets

Some pets do not handle the cold very well and it may be best to leave them with a friend or relative in a warm spot until you are settled. If this is not possible try and find somewhere quiet and warm for them and keep their cage or hutch covered with warm blankets.

Tip 6 Curtains

When you have arrived at your new property and the van has been unloaded and the heating is on, unpack and hang your curtains if you can. As this will prevent cold air from coming in around the windows and keep you warmer.

Tip 7 Plants

Plants can be sensitive to sudden changes in environment and temperatures. Try and keep them sheltered until they are ready to be loaded into the van, it may be best to leave them until last reducing the time they are exposed to the cold weather. They can then be unloaded first and put somewhere away from drafts while everything else is unloaded.

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